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Souhritha Club



Adolescent counselling and health care programme is a unique moral and innovative programme conceived and launched by the Department is implemented in schools through Sohrida club.

What is Souhrida?
To improve the physical, academic, social and interpersonal skills of the adolescents and lead them towards a successful adult hood . Souhrida club assures  a platform for students , to express their problems frankly . Privacy and transparency are two key factors of souhrida . The activity oriented objectives are ‘ Enable self-development and Empowerment of adolescents etc.Through Souhrida- A career guidance/ adolescents counselling cell, you are about to become one of many thousands of students from around the world to be involved in a very special programme . This programme focuses on the concerns, hopes , dreams and goals of people of adolescent age . It is called SOUHRIDA CLUB.



1 .   Identifying the adolescent’s problems.

2 .   Equipping the which are adolescents to manage geographical , social, religious and economic stress strain among them .

3 .   To practice life skill education.

4 .   Counselling to adolescents on psychological and social problems.

5 .   Suicidal  preventions.

6 .   Pre – examination counselling.

7 .   Pre and post result counselling.

8 .   Pre- marital counselling.