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Seminar on Adolescent


Seminar on Adolescent Problems

A Seminar on Adolescent problems was conducted on 16-01-15 at 2 pm in the school auditorium. Dr.Chinu Arun from Lisa Hospital Thiruvambady was the orator at the seminar and Mrs.Cini Mathew co-ordinated the affair. Dr.Chinu shared many ideas which have great relevance in the modern society. She spoke about the physical,mental,emotional and social problems faced by adolescents in the today's society. She made parents aware of the important role they are playing during this period in their child's life.She spoke about the precautions parents should take to lead their offspring on the right path. She also emphasised that this period is accompanied by emotional upheavals and hence the adolescents should be given freedom to express their thoughts and ideas. Parents should not pressurise their children, yet this period is one of the turning points in the child's life. Dr.Chinu concluded her awareness programme by reminding all that they too were once young.

The seminar was a huge success and had a positive response. Many parents approached the doctor even after the seminar.