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Corporate Manager's Message

Experience and education performs dominant role in the wholeness of a human being. Progress in the field of education has a distinct place in keeping the indigeneous people of a society firmly rooted to their land. So the growth and development of each educational institution is explicitly intertwined with the development of that society. Thus the history of an institution becomes the history of that land. Here St.Joseph’s Higher Secondary School Pullurampara aims at promoting integral formation of its students so that they form a convincing fraction of the society constructing a compassionate world.

The greatest challenge that the educationalists confront today is to change with the time and accordingly to the time, inculcating the traditions and values. Educational activities are fulfilled only when it is enabled to identify and face the challenges of the respective age.

The present scenario is that of information technology. The educational ideologies of the present day get completion when we explore the potential of information technology to redefine the terms of teaching and learning. The technological world work wonders providing fabulous chances and information. At this juncture, out of many educational reforms St.Joseph’s Higher Secondary School Pullurampara has stepped into a dynamic portal system of E-Care. It is an online management of school information along with online management – parents - teachers - students communication system. E-care portal system is a mirror of the progress, achievement and success story of the school. This is an attempt to step with the changing world. Just like a dream leads to another dream. Wishing all the best for the new venture.



Fr.Sebastian Purayidathil

Corporate Manager