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 Manager's Message

We are in the age of internet and fast communication. The world has become a small village due to the communication possibilities offered by the modern technology. To know and let others know is important in today’s society. To make the world know about our school and to function as an interconnecting link are the main objectives of a website. The inspiration behind launching the website of St. Joseph’s HSS Pullurampara is nothing else.

I feel, the present staff and students, together with the alumni of the school, can profit from the website. To feel proud of one’s school is a great thing. To feel with and to journey along the school, one should know about the school and the current activities. I am sure that the website will provide to attaining these goals.

Let me congratulate and thank the dedicated team behind this noble venture. Those who took this initiative, I am sure, love this institution and therefore  take it as a way to make the fame of the school known far and wide. May this venture be a model to all and a port to the world of relations.

Fr.Thomas Poriyath