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Enthusiasm Inspired Talent

The aim and purpose of education is the overall development of students. For the overall development of children, ample and appropriate opportunities need to be provided to them to bring out and exhibit both the cognitive and creative talents in children.School kalolsavam is such a venue for the students to showcase their innate talents through various art forms. The school prepares the students to excel their young talents in arts and literature.

The school Arts day  named  "Ragas 2014"was celebrated on August2014. The programme lasted for 2 days and the students utilised the chance to put out their best.The inaugural ceremony was short and inaugurated by school Manager Rev. Fr. Augustain Kizhakkarakkattu.The programme was wounderfully co-ordinated by the teachers who are in charge of the programme and inculcated further new ideas this year. The three squads- Ruby, Emerald and Dimond competed for 30 items.The trophy was won by Diamond gaining the maximum points.The programme was literally a visual treat for viewers eyes.